Holiday Weekend Specials for NC Wines

Irregardless invites our patrons to discover and enjoy the new generation of fine North Carolina wines. This week and throughout the Holiday weekend, Irregardless is pleased to feature two wines from the Jones von Drehle Vineyards, an Estate Winery in the Yadkin Valley. The Vineyard’s 11 wines are produced from fruit grown on their 30 acres under cultivation using European varietals and Classical French-style winery production.

The Viognier’s grapes are from the northern Rhone Valley and the Rosa Dia’s is crafted in the Provence style Grenache grapes – both grown in the Yadkin Valley. The Viognier is a crisp, fruity and aromatic white wine, with an aroma and flavor of ripe peaches. The Rosa Dia is a dry, fruity yet crisp Rose Wine with a fresh berry, floral and spice flavor.


These two delicious wines are discounted to $12/glass and $36/bottle for the July 4th weekend.


The Jones von Drehl Vineyards and Winery is a family-owned farm established in 2007 by two families, Diana and Chuck Jones and Ronnie and Raymond von Drehle, and Diana and Ronnie are sisters. In 2008, all of the soil testing and land clearing was done to get ready to plant in 2009. All 30 acres were planted at one time by hand, over 24,300 vines. 2012 was a great year for the vineyard with their first harvest. The buildings were completed for the official Grand Opening in May 2014. Jones von Drehl’s first vintage received over 100 major awards, and as of 2017 their wines have received over 300 international, national and regional awards. Jones von Drehl wines are now available in 230 Wine Shops and Restaurants across the North Carolina and Irregardless Cafe is proud to feature them.

At the turn of the 20th Century, North Carolina was the leading wine-producing region in the United States with 25 wineries. Although these wineries closed with the onset of Prohibition, an illicit trade emerged using cryptic names of juice bottled in Mason jars. High speed midnight chases across county lines became common, spawning the motorized pastime that has become the sport NASCAR.


In 2017, North Carolina is home to more than 180 wineries, generating $1.28 billion annually and employing 7,600 people. The industry has two focuses – European-style vinifera grapes and native muscadine grapes. The European Vinifera grape is grown in the western and Piedmont regions of the State and Scuppernongs and native muscadine grapes thrive in the hot sandy conditions of the coastal region. Muscadines contain high levels of Resveratrol and other health-enhancing antioxidants.