Morgan MaloneMorgan Malone has been the WFCG’s Manager since July, 2016. A graduate of NC State University’s Biology and Agro-ecology program, Morgan has worked with many urban gardens in the Raleigh area including the SOUL Garden, the Camden Street Learning Garden, and the NCSU Agroecology Farm.

With a passion for the natural environments, Morgan seeks to integrate permiculture, ecology, and community development into urban farming. Morgan loves to work with volunteers and garden partners who always bring exciting perspectives and innovative ideas to the garden.

Morgan’s favorite things from the garden are melons, tomatoes, and butternut squash!


Social Media Coordinator 


Dawn Keyser is an NC native who has lived in Raleigh for nearly 11 years. She is a barista at a local cafe as well an assistant baker at Boulted Bread. When she’s not working, she can found volunteering at the Carolina Tiger Rescue, the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, and here at the garden.

Dawn is an avid cyclist, as well as a board member of the local cycling advocacy organization Oaks & Spokes. She loves all animals, but especially cats, and has been a cat/kitten foster for the Wake County Shelter for several years.




Garden Apprentices 

 Alli Kenlan is a senior at NC State studying Environmental Science, Communications, and Economics. She wants to create interdisciplinary approaches to fight climate change and encourage sustainability. In her spare time, Alli enjoys singing along to the radio and traveling.

Her favorite foods at the garden are Jerusalem artichokes and shiitake mushrooms.


Hannah Frank is a senior at NC State studying Sustainable Food Systems for Global Health and Political Science. She has worked with Community Food Lab on the Raleigh Food Corridor, as well managed the Campus Farmers Market at NC State. She got her farming start back home in Pennsylvania.

Hannah enjoys drinking tea outside and talking while she gardens. Her favorite things from the garden include sungold and black cherry tomatoes and basil, especially when they’re eaten together!

 Bakri Abushouk is current student at NC State University, majoring in environmental science with a focal area in Food and Society. Pursuing a profession in environmental and nutritional efforts, and increasing my knowledge and opportunity in urban agriculture. I plan on graduating the Spring of 2017. I enjoy running and hiking. I run cross country and track at NC State. My favorite meal from Irregardless Cafe is the Woodland pie!