‘Being Well’ with Joe & Terry Graedon

Date(s) - Apr 27
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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“Favorite Remedies and Why They Work.”

Please reserve your seat now for Irregardless Cafe’s on-going Being Well evenings on wellness.

This evening will take place at Irregardless’ event venue – The Glenwood – and will include a buffet samplings from Irregardless’ Catering menus. Future ‘Being Well’ evenings may be also be at Irregardless’ Well Fed Community Garden, where produce for the Cafe and Catering is grown in an urban agriculture setting.

This ‘Being Well’ evening is a fundraiser in support of the Capital Area Food Network CAFN, Wake County’s Food Policy Council.

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At 7 pm, Joe and Terry Graedon, of NPR’s People’s Pharmacy, will speak on “Favorite Remedies and Why They Work.” Many folks find home remedies to be fascinating. Most people want to know whether a specific remedy or dietary supplement works or not. But that’s not quite enough for everyone.

Many health professionals and other people are skeptical that vinegar with a high-carb snack could keep blood sugar from spiking. They doubt that drinking tart cherry juice at bedtime would do anything to speed the onset of sleep. They don’t believe that herbal hibiscus tea could help control blood pressure. To them, reports that cocoa can ward off cognitive decline are suspect.

The intellectually curious also want to know why a particular remedy might work. Very often the scientific research to answer this question is lacking. Recently, though, Joe and Terry Graedon have uncovered a number of scientific explanations for some favorite home remedies, including those above.

Would you like to know:

• How does swallowing a teaspoonful of yellow mustard stop a cramp within minutes?

• Why does smearing Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet help calm a cough?

• Does it make sense to deliberately induce an ice cream headache to ward off a threatening migraine?

Come learn about the science behind your favorite home remedies. The Graedons will talk about the research showing that the old wives were wise. They’ll take your questions about everything from dietary guidelines and cholesterol control to vitamins and spices. Is there something you’ve been aching to ask them? Join them for an evening of good food, intriguing information and fun.

For more than four decades, Joe and Terry Graedon have been teaching, writing, and broadcasting information to help people make informed decisions about their health.

They cohost The People’s Pharmacy radio show heard on WUNC and nearly 200 public radio stations around the country. Their syndicated newspaper column appears in the Raleigh N&O and numerous other papers. They have written 20 books on health and home remedies. Joe is a pharmacologist and Terry is a medical anthropologist.

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Tickets are $25 per person.