summer thirst quincher watermelon

August 2, 2017

Written by Lubana Lanewala, Garden Apprentice Our most festive produce item this summer on the garden is the crimson sweet watermelon. Large, juicy and oh-so-satisfying, the Well Fed Community Garden has not only been providing these to the restaurant, but using them in catering events and giving them away to volunteers! They are located right Read More

Tequila, that’s where I draw the lime

July 26, 2017

Written by Jessica Knisley, Bar Manager Does the word Mezcal ring a bell? The word comes from the Nahuatl word Mexcalli which translates to “oven cooked agave”. The fundamental distinctions between tequila and mezcal come from their place of creation, method of production and the type of agave plant that makes the liquor. While tequila is  technically a form of Mezcal, Read More

Irregardless now serving ‘Cup a Joe’ Coffee

July 19, 2017

Irregardless Cafe is pleased to announce that we are now serving Cup a Joe’s locally roasted coffee in the Cafe. Enjoy home grown, hand-crafted meals with coffee roasted just down the street! Supporting local businesses has always been a priority for Irregardless (we used to use a roaster in RTP). Our ‘Irregardless’ blend of Costa Read More

Customer Service or Hospitality, Which is it?

July 12, 2017

So many times you hear people talk about what a bad experience they had with a restaurant, venue, event planner, DJ, etc. Once the ink dries on the contract the customer service goes right out the window. No longer is there a need to impress the client. As long as they are “nice” and smile Read More

Food is Medicine

June 25, 2017

…. Food is the Sustenance of our Lives This blog is the first of a series of blogs – about every 6 weeks – offered by Irregardless to our patrons. When we are young – WE LIVE TO EAT. With the wisdom of age we acknowledge that we EAT TO LIVE, (and we know there Read More